A Day In Sedona

“Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people are beginning to find out going to the mountains is going home; that wilderness is a necessity...” 
― John Muir

We love taking little day trips! Any time we get a free weekend, we hop in the car and go exploring. Since they are like mini-vacations that only last a day, our kids have coined them, "daycations."  Sometimes we go far, and other times we stay close, but this weekend we headed to Sedona-- hoping to see some vibrant fall colors. 

It ended up being a little too early in the year to see the changing leaves, but it was still a perfect day to spend in the mountains.

What I love most about where we live, is that you can take off in just about any direction, and within a few hours the landscape is totally different. It's pretty amazing!


As we hiked the beautiful trail, we stumbled across a sign that told the history of this spot. There used to be an old lodge in the midst of these woods. It was so popular that President Hoover, Jimmy Stewart, Walt Disney, and many other famous people vacationed here. In 1968 the forest service acquired it, but lacked the funds to restore it, and in 1980 the structure burned down.

Quite intrigued by this story, we decided to venture off the path to see what we could find. There were still parts of the old structure standing and it was so cool! Most of it was totally overgrown by the ivy that use to climb the lodge, but you can definitely make out an old entrance way, and a few walls. 

The fireplace was still there, and Lily had fun eating lunch in it. 

The further we ventured into the woods, the more fun we had. Eventually we found ourselves down by the river running barefoot through the icy water.

And, oh my goodness, do you see that white house on top of the hill? How amazing would it be to have this as your backyard?!?

Another old structure that was fun to explore!


Even through we didn't see much of autumn, we did see one glorious red tree :) And that was enough to make my whole day!

Just as we were getting ready to come home, the sun was setting and cast the most brilliant orange glow on the mountains behind us. These last 3 pictures are completely unedited, and still do not even begin to capture the vibrant color they held.

Our trip to Sedona was filled with fresh-pressed apple cider, fun trails to explore, cold water running between our toes, and some of the most beautiful scenery ever. Cannot wait to go back!