Sedona Outtakes...

Just in case you think our family adventures are always picture perfect, here's the outtakes from our most recent trip to Sedona.

Somehow, almost all of them seem to involve Seth! Whenever he's around, things like this happen . . . .

And this . . .

Oh, don't worry, there's more . . .

And . . . finally, here's me threatening to pinch my son if he doesn't smile for his dad.

It works like a charm every time :)

And yes, occasionally my foot needs to nail someone in the side of the face . . . that *someone* being Seth! 

After looking at this picture, you'll understand why he deserved my foot in his face :) Haha, just kidding! He tried to throw me in the water, and my foot was aimed for his shoulder-- trying to push him in first, but at the last second he moved, and Jared captured it perfectly!

And speaking of Jared. . .  He sometimes poses like this in the sunlight.

And, I'm not sure what Seth is doing here, but some sort of male model {who's obviously WAY too cool to pose with his mama}, has taken over my son!

As quickly as he came, the male model left and my son returned to himself. . .haha, well, almost :)

Where to begin with my Lily girl. . . right before Jared snapped this one, she mumbled something about Seth having a huge bug on him.

I'm not sure how Dylan escaped the crazy pictures this time, he's usually the one I get the most of :)

But, no matter what our adventures might look like or where they may take us-- we make some pretty incredible memories, and I wouldn't trade my crazy little family for any in the world!!