A Night At The Phoenix Symphony

I don't know about you, but the last few weeks have been insane around here. I have written a hundred blog posts in my head, but finding a spare minute to get them out on paper has been quite the challenge. 

Anyways, despite the craziness, we have had a few moments this season that have been sheer bliss, and the other night was one of them! 

Some dear friends of ours blessed us with tickets to the Phoenix Symphony. Seth wasn't able to be there, but believe me, he heard about it for days after. . . In Dylan's words, it was "the coolest thing EVER!" 

At the end of the concert they invited the whole audience to sing along. I turned to Dylan who had the widest grin spread across his face. For the next 5 minutes he sang along to every song, as loud as he could.

There is something beautiful about Christmas music that really does make the season so magical, {especially in Arizona without any snow} and this night was the perfect way to kick the season off!!

As we walked outside, Dylan and Lily ran up ahead to tip a street performer. They even tipped her an extra dollar just for Seth, because they knew he would have done it if he was there.


Even in the crazy moments, no matter where you are at, I hope you're able to find those moments in the season that bring you absolute joy!