Clothed In Love

There are no words to describe this friend of mine . . . 

I met Delonna a few years ago through a book launch we were both a part of, and from that moment on, we became soul sisters. We share a deep love for dreaming big, traveling the world, and helping orphans. 

Delonna has been one of the biggest supporters of my little girl, believing in her dreams to adopt a little sister. She came into our lives during a difficult time, and I don't think she'll ever know how much she means to us.

And now it's our turn to support her dream. Last year Delonna opened up a little ETSY shop called, Clothed In Love.

The photos above are some of Lily's favorite picks in the store right now, and the photos below are some of her favorite pieces that have come from Clothed In Love.


All proceeds from the sales in her shop {minus the cost of supplies} go directly towards the monthly sponsorship of orphans in Africa, Central and South America.

Right now, Clothed In Love is sponsoring 15 children from Ethiopia, Rwanda, Tanzania, Honduras, Kenya, China and South Africa.

Her goal is to sponsor 40 children, and we'd love to help her reach it!

Her shop has so many things to love, and new items are added all the time. So if you're looking for some fun pieces to wear and a great cause to support, check out her shop and help us spread the word!