DIY Wine Bottle Candle Holders

What can you do with an empty wine bottle and a few tapered candles? 

I have a deep love for old glass bottles + candlelight, so combining the two seemed like the perfect focal point for our kitchen table.

If wine's not your thing, sparkling cider and glass olive oil bottles also work great! This project is super simple―Just wash out your bottles and allow to dry for 24 hours. Place a tapered candle into the mouth of each bottle, light, and enjoy! 

In the past we've experimented with all kinds of colored candles, but I always come back to white for some reason. Maybe it's the simplicity that speaks to my soul. Either way, the kiddos love eating by candlelight, and these bottles always create a fun conversation piece when we have new people for dinner.

My favorite part is watching the warm wax wind it's way down the bottle, while laughter and happy moments are burned into our hearts, as souls grow closer between a shared meal.

We've had these bottles in our house for years . . . sometime in our bedroom, other times on the coffee table, but each time they've migrated back to the kitchen table where they've become a permanent staple.

And the best part is, this DIY was totally free to make!