Getting Fingerprinted

We're celebrating another fun adoption update this week! Last Friday {Aug 29th} we met with our adoption agency and turned in the massive packet of paperwork that we've been hacking away at since May. Can't tell you how glad we are to have that finished up!

While we were at the agency, we also got to get our fingerprinting done. 

The kids were curious about the process, so we brought them along to watch.  And since we homeschool, it was almost like a mini field trip for us. I love that we have the freedom in our schedule to do things like this!

Our agency is incredible, and they know how much our kids have wanted to be involved with everything, so they have gone above and beyond in so many areas to include them. . .but today they topped it!

After Jared and I finished up, they offered to take extra time to fingerprint the kiddos for fun. They even let them keep their print cards as a souvenir! The kids thought this was the coolest thing ever, especially since we've been studying about fingerprints and the layers of the skin in science. Thank you Mary and Angel for taking the time to make this a special moment they will never forget!


We're one step closer to the end, Yay!!