Monsoon Rains And Our Adoption Homestudies 1 & 2

Our first adoption home study interview was scheduled for Friday, September 19th―the day before the monsoon rains rolled in and poured like tears from above.

Rain is so rare around here that our house woke up bursting with excitement! 

The responsible thing to do would have been to stay inside, and prepare for the home study. . .you know, finish up all the fun stuff like scrubbing toilets and cleaning out the fridge. But splashing puddles seemed like WAY more fun! So outside we went...


We ended up doing a little more than puddle splashing. . .the rain just kept pouring until our pool over-flowed, and the street swelled into a lake. Playing in the warm water was just what we needed. We weren't sure what to expect with the first home study― but just as rain cleanses the earth, it washed away our stress that day.


Seth missed out on all our fun since this was his CC day, but we took lots of funny pictures for him :)

And, both home studies... well, they turned out to be a great experience! Our {amazing} social worker, Sussy is so down to earth and fun to work with. We have really enjoyed getting to know her, and are so excited to be a step closer to finding our little one. 

These interviews gave us the chance to pause life and reminisce about the days gone by, and discuss our hopes and dreams for the future― and that's always a blessing.

I want to remember so much about this week, so I'm going to jot down a few things that made it extra special:

-It rained like crazy the day before our first home study. At one point during the day we couldn't leave the house, because the roads were so flooded. It was perfect. 

-Once the rains cleared, a beautiful rainbow settled right above our house. I love rainbows!

-Throughout the week I've randomly overheard the kids talking about what it will be like when we find our next child. It's been so sweet to hear them guess what color of eyes she'll have, or what he'll look like. And Dylan has mentioned on more than one occasion, how much he can't wait to hand-down his awesome ninja-warrior skills to the next little one!

-So many friends called, text, and emailed us the morning of our first home study. . .just because they love us and wanted to cheer us on. We love you guys!

-After the interviews were finished, Jared and I were talking about our answers in the kitchen, and I'll never forget floating over to kiss him. Adoption is such a tough process to go through, but I couldn't imagine doing this with anyone else :)

-We completed our second home study on 9/25. Between the two boys, we had six flag football games this week. I love watching them play, and oh boy was it an adventure trying to juggle games, school, two home studies, three birthday parties, dentist appointments, blog designs, and the ETSY shop this week.

We might be in a super busy season of life, but I wouldn't trade it for all the calm in the world.

These are my favorite days, because we are living them.