A Morning At The Farm Grill...

A few weeks ago Jared underwent some minor oral surgery. We knew it would take a few hours, but the kids and I didn't want to venture too far away in case he needed anything. It was early in the morning and the sun was just peeking her head over the mountains.

There is something so calm about the world in the early hours. . .something so surreal before the traffic begins and the rush of life sets in for the day. 

After we dropped Jared off, we took a little drive down the road and came across Joe's Farm Grill. It was the perfect place to work through our math lessons, and the breakfast was so yummy!


See Dylan's black eye? A little injury from his first flag football game . . . poor guy, but he wore it well :)


Eating breakfast outside and doing school this morning on a bench at the farmhouse, was perfect. It's so amazing to watch the love and appreciation kids have for the world around them. I love these homeschooling days I get to share with them! I know they won't last forever, so I try to etch them deep in my memory.

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