A New Tradition For The New Year. . .

. . .Fill our life with more audio books! 

Jared and I decided our new tradition this year would be to listen to more audio books together. We both read a lot on our own, and listen to podcasts-- plus we read books with our small group at church, and I read a ton with the kids for school and their book clubs, but we thought this sounded like a fun thing to do together!

I think I'm most excited about it because we can listen to them while we're laying in bed at night, in the morning as we get ready, when we fold laundry, or work on Etsy orders together . . . so maybe it seems somewhat do-able? 


We decided to each pick 6 books for the year, and rotate every other month who's book we listen to. We've tried to aim for a wide selection in our choices, and broke it down to 5 categories, picking one book from each category:

  • Creativity/Writing/Business
  • Marriage/Parenting/Adoption
  • Fiction
  • Inspiring/Spiritual
  • 2 Wild Cards {Pick 2 of anything you want}



A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens was on both of our original lists, so we decided to start the year with that one. Here's to hoping we get through all 13 this year!!