The Copper Anchor: A Photo A Day 2015

Take a Photo every day for a year, and write about it. That's been on my Life List for years, and I finally decided this was the year to make it happen! 

It won't be anything epic or fancy-- just little snippets of our life, food we love, adventures we take, and the heartbeat of who we are. You can find me posting them to Instagram @thecopperanchor, if you want to follow along, but I will also be posting them weekly here on the blog, as some of my dearest friends don't have  Instagram accounts.

Here's to a year of fun memories, documented in my most favorite way: film!!


Day 1: Jan 1. 2015 here we come! Starting the New Year off with a new goal...snapping a photo a day for the next 365. Our family's been sick all week and cooped up in the house, but today we needed a change in scenery. . .Captured this photo on a family drive near the Superstition Mountains. Can't believe the snow on the mountains--it was purely magical!

Day 2: Jan 2. My little girl: Inventor. Deep Thinker. World Changer. A few months ago she designed a new plan for grocery stores: A cart wash--similar to a car wash, but for carts. In her plan, each cart would run through a machine to be sterilized before given to the next customer. No more bacteria. No more gross trips to the store.

Today while I was doing her hair, she told me about her next invention: A flying mattress that fits between each isle of the grocery store. . ."because sometimes people just need a comfy bed to lay on while shopping...and of course, the mattresses would fly at different height levels to ensure maximum safety."

I love the way her mind thinks and how she views everything in life! Not sure why her two latest inventions involve the grocery store. . .haha, maybe I drag her along too often. But either way, I think she's on to something-- Clean carts and a relaxing shopping experience. Who would object?

Day 3: Jan 3. We spent the morning at church playing soccer with good friends. Snapped this pic of Seth reaching back to give his little bro a high five and encouraging words. . .even though they were on opposing teams. Love the way they take care of each other.

Day 4. Jan 4. Happy mail from France!! This arrived in our mailbox this week and I had to snap a picture of it today, because it still makes me smile every time I open it. It's from an amazing family we met last year. The way they live and view life really touched us in the short amount of time we got to spend with them. Hoping one day to see them again!

Day 5. Jan 5. My little bean.

Today we are listing new prints in our Etsy shop. She's always so willing to help us take pictures of new products, because she knows every step we take to build our business, gets us a step closer to bringing home her new little brother or sister. Love her heart for adoption!

Day 6. Jan 6.  Sometimes in life you just need to get your hands dirty. . .Spent the afternoon working on this DIY project with the kiddos. In between science fair projects, history papers, blog designs, and everything else we are behind on in life, we just needed a moment to take a step back and do something we all love! Grateful to have kids who love to get dirty with me, but even more grateful for the laughter and life they breathe into even the smallest of moments.

Day 7. Jan 7.  I love it when he reads to her. Today Dylan wanted to share one of his favorites: Beowolf, but he was worried it would scare her, so he read all the voices in silly characters...and she laughed through the whole thing!

Day 8. Jan 8. If only this was a scratch-and-sniff photo...then you could enjoy it too! These beauties were picked fresh in our backyard this afternoon. I'm looking forward to so many yummy dishes with fresh fruit this month!