DIY: 10 minute Frankenstein door

We are really enjoying our new neighborhood, and now that the weather is cooling down a little, it's given us the chance to be outside a lot more, which makes all of us happier :)

It's also given us the chance to get outside and work on a few fun projects. . . most are business related, but this one was just for fun! Since our front door is already green, the kids thought it would be fun to transform him into a cute Frankenstein for Halloween. We're not keen on anything scary or over the top, but this little guy has gotten some big thumbs up by neighborhood kiddos.

It's pretty self-explanetory, but here's the run down of how we made him:


  • obviously a door or some other surface to decorate {fyi, your door does not have to be green. Any color would be fun!}
  • a piece of white paper {preferably card stock or construction paper} 
  • a piece of black paper {preferably card stock or construction paper}
  • glue stick
  • scissors
  • tape
  • a roll of black streamers

The before shot. . .

!. First, use bowl to trace out some big eyes balls on the white paper.

2. Find a cup or smaller round object, like a cup, to trace your black circles {or just free-hand them like Lily did}

3. Cut out your circles and glue together, like shown in the picture below.

4. Then glue or tape them to your front door.

5. Next, cut some eyebrows and lips out of the streamers, and adhere to your door as well. You can pretty much just eyeball the length and size you want these to be. Remember this is frankenstein, so there's no need to make him look perfect! 

4. And for the last step, just tape some streamers to the top of your door and cut at varying lengths to give Frank some crazy hair.

And that's it! A super easy halloween decoration you can pull off in minutes!

So. . . my favorite part of this whole project was discovering I accidentally captured Lily's adorable reflection in the window next the door as I snapped these pictures. She was obviously very proud of our finished product :)


Author: Lisa Larson // Photo Sources: The Copper Anchor & Co.
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