The Copper Anchor 365 Photo-A-Day. Day 345-365

It's hard to believe this year is over and our photo-a-day challenge is done. 

Sometimes the photography was great, and sometimes it wasn't. Sometimes we captured our favorite moments of the day, and other times we missed the sweetest moments on film, just to simply be present in the here and now of real life. Either way, every photo we posted meant something to us, and I love that for one solid year we have a photo from every day that shows a little peek into our lives.

Both Jared and I still can't believe we are living here and loving it so much in Arizona. This has been a year of waiting, of often feeling stuck in the in-between, but it has also been a year full of so many sweet and exciting moments. It's been a year of getting to travel, explore new places, and visit family. A year of exciting moves, and happy adventures. A year of meeting new people, and growing our little business.

This year and these moments are ones we will treasure forever. Happy 2016 everyone!!

Day 345. Dec 11. My girl did this adorable hairstyle all on her own today :)

Day 346. Dec 12. Two full days of holiday basketball tournaments for our boys! It makes for some super long days, but I wouldn't miss their games for anything :)

Day 347. Dec 13. Had a fun photo shoot with one of our favorite families today! Isn't this little guy the cutest?

Day 348. Dec 14. Playing hide and seek in the kitchen with these cuties!

Day 349. Dec 15. My little guy and his second black eye playing sports. #yayforbasketballseason 

Day 350. Dec 16. What a crazy day! Trying to pack for a little weekend away, paint the living room, set up the Christmas tree, make it to basketball...and we're hosting a few friends this afternoon. Haha, somebody remind me why we thought it would be a good idea to paint the living room in the middle of the holiday season!?! I'm learning to embrace the mess though, and open my doors wide. . .because real relationships matter so much more than a clean house, and the ridiculous notion that any of us really have it all together anyway. #embracethemess #realisthenewperfect

Day 351. Dec 17. Working on a few Christmas gifts for our awesome neighbors. We love our new neighborhood so much :)

Day 352. Dec 18. Some of our sweet friends have a time share in Sedona and couldn't make it this weekend, so they offered us a free little get-a-way! In the midst of this crazy season, we couldn't be more grateful for a little time away together :) And guess what? Our room had it's own private jacuzzi on the back patio!

Day 353. Dec 19. Sedona is amazing!! The weather is chilly, and the little village we're staying at is perfectly decorated for Christmas! We're loving every second here :)

Day 354. Dec 20. Our last day in Sedona, we woke early and saw the sun peeking over the mountains cloaked with fog. Adventure beckoned us forward, so we took a little drive through Oak Creek canyon. About half way up, we found this little clearing covered in snow. The kiddos laughed and played 'til they were frozen solid :)

Day 354. Dec 21. Happy birthday #11 to my Lily bean! Every day you fill our lives with a deep sense of wonder and adventure. I am the luckiest to be your mama! My greatest prayer for you today is that you will always know how much you are loved by everyone your life touches. Your deep belly laughter and those adorable freckles are my absolute favorite! Happy birthday sweet girl!!

Day 356. Dec 22. Doing a little Christmas shopping with the family at Barnes & Noble, and caught these two pouring over a book together. Love it!


Day 357. Dec 23. How is Christmas only 2 days away? 

Day 358. Dec 24. Our annual Christmas Eve tradition: Candlelight service at church, followed by a fun drive around our favorite neighborhoods to see the Christmas lights! :)

Day 359. Dec 25.  Long boarding + Darth Vader socks = one happy boy! That pretty much sums up our Christmas morning. Simple and sweet. :)

Day 360. Dec 26. What our house looks like right now. :) #bodieseverywhere

Day 361. Dec 27. Christmas is our favorite time of year. It always makes me a little sad to take the decorations down, but this year I'm also craving the simplicity in life and the newness of moving forward.  #seeyounextyear

Day 362. Dec 28. Today I officially fell in love with Annie Sloan's Dark Wax. Painting the beams in our living room, and this stuff is the absolute best! Watch the blog for a full tutorial in the next few weeks :)

Day 363. Dec 29. The beams in our living room are coming along. Only three more to go! 


Day 364. Dec 30.  Our Christmas candy houses! We made them a few weeks ago, but finally getting some good pictures of them today. :) 

Day 365. Dec 31. Ringing in the New Year and our last day of this photo challenge with lots of fun card games and these amazing people!

Goodbye 2015. Hello 2016!