The Copper Anchor 365 Photo-A-Day Project Days 37-50

We were out of town last week, so I wasn't able to publish our weekly recap of our photo-a-day series, so this week you get two in one :)

DSC_0055 copy.jpg

Day 37. Feb 6. This little girl of mine leaves the sweetest notes all over the house. I often find them in my sock drawer or my makeup bag, but today she left one on my desk on top of a project I was working on. She wrote "ILU MOM" on a clothes pin with a paint marker. She blows me away with her creativity, and the way her little heart loves so deeply brings me to tears.


Day 38. Feb 7. Today our little friend Karis turned #2!! We spent the morning at her super-awesome birthday party! #lovethisfamily

Day 39. Feb 8. Our Sunday's are often filled with laughter, love, and good food. There is something about friendship and a shared meal between souls, that renews the spirit and breaths life back into the weariness of the daily grind. So grateful for the families we got to spend today with. And my photo of the day: Dylan's plate this evening. Sunday's make him happy too :)

DSC_0523 copy.jpg

Day 40. Feb 9. Having a blast walking around downtown Mesa and visiting the Mesa Art Center. Such beautiful grounds! @mesaartscenter


Day 41. Feb 10. My girl and her pickles! This special jar even got his very own seatbelt for the ride home.

Day 42. Feb 11. My husband talking to our son about the complexities of life. I really can't describe what these moments mean to me...being raised myself without a father, makes me all the more grateful for this sweet man of mine, and all that he is to our children.

Day 43. Feb 12. Been working hard for the last 6 months to design some jewelry for our Etsy shop. Sold my first one tonight to my sweet sister-in-law! Hoping to have a few listed in the shop soon, so stayed tuned!! So excited for this new adventure :)

Day 44. Feb 13. An early birthday breakfast for our amazing nephew Matt, at the yummy Farmhouse in Gilbert. Love it when he comes to visit us!!

Day 45. Feb 14. Got to spend Valentine's Day this year photographing my nephew's wedding in Snowflake. Such a beautiful day full of laughter and tears. Congrats Larson and Nicole! Wishing you two the very best in your new life together!! 

Day 46. Feb 15. Nothing beats the bubbles in a hotel swimming pool :) We were so lucky that we got to spend the night in Flagstaff, and hike the Grand Canyon the next day with Scott and Sara's adorable family! Such a fun little vacation!!

Day 47. Feb 16. Hiking the Grand Canyon today! This is one place you have to see in will never do it justice!

Day 48. Feb 17. Had such fun trip to Snowflake and the Grand Canyon this week, but finally made it home and trying to catch up on everything. Stayed up way too late tonight helping Seth prep his science fair board for class tomorrow, but couldn't be more grateful for our Classical Conversations community! He learned so much about bacteria, and has had a blast growing win-win!

Day 49. Feb 18. Date night @gelatodolcevita! The Italian hot chocolate is to die for! Thought we better squeeze it in before the weather gets too warm around here :)

Day 50. Feb 19. Happy Chinese New Year!!