The Copper Anchor 365 Photo-A-Day Project Days 58-64


Day 58. Feb 27. 15 years ago when I was pregnant with Seth, I was offered an abortion by the specialist we were seeing. Because of complications with my pregnancy, there was an 80% chance he could have Down Syndrome. I will never forget that afternoon-- how dark and cold the hospital room seemed, how the doctors words hung like thick fog in the air. We knew that no matter the outcome we'd love him the same, and so we continued on. A few months later he was born, and it had been a false alarm.

But it seemed to have left it's own mark...for some reason Seth has always had a unique sensitivity to kids with special needs. They flock to him, and he adores them. This is his amazing friend Wyatt. These two are nearly inseparable when they get together! I wish you could see the way their eyes light up when they meet, it's the sweetest thing in the world. 

Day 59. Feb 28. On our way to visit Jared's dad at the hospital this morning, this was our view. We found out later that a huge fire broke out at an appliance store just down the road from where we were headed.  This isn't a sight you see everyday. The smoke was pretty incredible, but grateful to hear no one got hurt.

Day 60. Mar 1. Got to hang out with this amazing couple over the weekend! So grateful for their friendship and all the laughter that filled our home :)

Day 61. Mar 2. My sweet father-in-law. Seth snapped this picture of us last night. I can't believe how well he is recovering. Love this man so much!!

Day 62. Mar 3. Grandpa is up and walking the halls with us! So grateful God brought him through such major surgery. He is doing amazingly well :)

Day 63. Mar 4. Seth and Zeke chillin' at the little table. We had so much fun having this sweet family over tonight! They inspire us so much!!

Day 64. Mar 5. Early morning walk with grandpa around the neighborhood. Cannot believe they released him from the hospital last night! We are so excited to have him home and doing so well already!!