The Copper Anchor 365 Photo-A-Day. Days 79-92

We were so lucky that my sister and her adorable kiddos came to play with us last week for Spring Break. Amidst all our fun, I missed putting up my weekly photo post, so enjoy 2 weeks worth today. . .

Day 79. Mar 20. You know you have amazing friends, when they reach beyond you and touch the lives of your children. Tonight my friend Emily took Lily out to eat, and to see the play of Pride and Prejudice. Throughout the evening they randomly sent me adorable pictures, just like this one. Can't tell you what it means to me as a mom to have our lives so full of people who invest and encourage the best in our children. Love is such a gift!

Day 80. Mar 21. The weather has been so gorgeous lately. Tonight we ate dinner outside on the patio with grandpa and grandma. They were in town for his post-surgery check-up. So grateful he is doing well, and his check-up went great!  Love every chance we get to see them :)

Day 81. Mar 22. So, we pretty much have the coolest neighbors in the world! They are everything you could hope for, and more. This is actually their friend Stefano, but they were kind enough to introduce us this week. He is an architect from Italy, who is making his way around the world on his WR250R Motorcycle. His journey was especially fascinating to us because my husband and I just finished the #longwaydown and #longwayaround series on Netflix.

Stefano drove from Italy all the way down to South Africa, then he made his way over to Argentina by way of boat. Once there, he drove up through South America, and is heading to Alaska, over to Russia, and then back to Italy. But lucky for us, he stopped in to see his friends along the way. We had so much fun listening to his stories and getting just a tiny glimpse of his world. Such an adventurous and inspiring way to live!

Day 82. Mar 23. They're here!!! Life doesn't get much better than Spring Break and a week full of cousins!!!

Day 83. Mar 24.  Fine art at it's best. . .made by my sis and I. We took the kiddos to Krazy Air this afternoon and had a blast! Each ticket included a free drink, and the kiddos went a little crazy with the straws. So what do you do with the garbage? Make art. 

Day 84. Mar 25. Today we drove up to Sedona and hiked the beautiful Oak Creek Canyon. Everything about today was perfect. Just look at these little warriors mid-hike, aren't they adorable!

Day 85. Mar 26. We spent the afternoon at one of my favorite places today: The Desert Botanical Gardens. It's always a new adventure each time we go, and today we arrived just in time to help release butterflies for their new spring exhibit. It was purely magical!

Day 86. Mar 27. Hiking Camelback. . . Seriously insane, but so much fun! Just look at our view!! So sad that this is our last day with my sister, but grateful we had the chance to make so many new memories! She has always loved me so well, and taught me so much about life. I adore everything about her. 

Day 87. Mar 28. Had breakfast this morning with some of our dear friends, and their adorable baby! We moved to Arizona, just as they were moving away to California. We haven't seen them for almost 2 years, but the minute we hugged, it was like no time had passed at all. So grateful they are a part of our lives, and made the time to see us on their short visit :)

Day 88. Mar 29. Went on a walk around the neighborhood with my favorite girl today, and this what we collected. Some days are just meant for long walks, and taking time to smell the flowers. I love springtime in Arizona!  

Day 89. Mar 30. These two, and their love for life. . .It's so contagious!

Day 90. Mar 31. Basketball is in full swing now, and just about every evening looks like this. The boys are on the same team, and I love that they get to play and practice together.  

Day 91. Apr 1. Happy April Fools! For some reason this seems to be my kids favorite holiday. I thought I got them pretty good this morning when I replaced their mouthwash with vinegar and food coloring, but when I walked into my room this afternoon. . .I met this little guy! Just about gave me a heart attack, but they totally get props for creativity!!

Day 92. Apr 2. Another walk with my girl today. The weather is just gorgeous, and I can't get enough of it before the heat comes our way. These were her two favorite finds -- because they look like fairy poofs.