The Copper Anchor 365 Photo-A-Day. Days 114-127

This whole year has been one huge blur of a whirlwind. Time just never seems to stop long enough for me to get caught up on everything. Mental note to self = haha, maybe stop taking on so many projects? Either way, this photo-a-day project has been one of the funnest things I've done yet, so yay for that! Here are our last two weeks, a day at a time. . .

Day 114. Apr 24. Seth and Jayden working on their rocket project for science.

Day 115. Apr 25. Getting to spend the afternoon with some of our favorite people in the world + coffee at Bergies = best afternoon ever! DeDe we are so proud of you!!

Day 116. Apr 26. The Desert Botanical Gardens in the spring. My soul is happy :)

Day 117. Apr 27. Taking an adventure today! Found a great little antique shop downtown, and randomly stopped at a book store we passed along the way. We started up a fun conversation with the owner, and a few minutes later he said he had to show us something: The first original UK edition of the Lord Of The Rings of about 15 in the world that still have the slipcovers intact. I thought my boys were going to die. . .and by boys, I mean, mostly my husband. It was just a little out of our price range, but still fun to see in person. This shop was awesome! If you're ever in the area, I'd definitely recommend a trip to the Book Gallery. I love our offbeat, random adventures and making the kind of memories we'll never forget along the way.

Day 118. Apr 28. A little morning rain does wonders for the soul.

Day 119. Apr 29. Loved having my sister-in-law stay with us this week. How lucky are we that we got to have her all to our selves on her birthday! Love you Sara!!

Day 120. Apr 30. Picking up the boys from basketball practice this evening. 

Day 121. May 1. Working hard on the jury gifts for Seth's upcoming Mock Trial.

Day 122. May 2. This picture is a little blury, but it's one I never want to forget: Hannah's graduation party.  This girl will never know how much she means to Lily and to our family. She is a burst of light and love everywhere she goes! Hannah, we love you so much!!

Day 123. May 3. Had the best afternoon going to the Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market with some close friends. There were so many unique items to look at and be inspire by. It was so much fun!

Day 124. May 4. Mock Trial. The day has finally come! Months and months of hard work and prep has finally paid off.  It was such an incredible experience for the kids, and I couldn't be prouder of them! They did an amazing job!! A huge thank you goes out to the incredible Mrs. Reeves, the judge, the jury, and all the families who worked so hard to make this happen.

Day 125. May 5. Working hard to fill a few orders tonight, and feeling so grateful for the amazing customers who support our little shop!

Day 126. May 6. Hangin' at the park with these crazies!

Day 127. May 7.  Babysitting some of our friend's adorable kiddos tonight. Our kids were in heaven to have babies around! Grateful for the little reminders of how blessed we are, and how grateful I am for the people that fill up our life.