The Copper Anchor 365 Photo-A-Day. Days 163-197

It's been a while since I've blogged about anything other than our Photo-A-Day in this space. I never intended for that to happen. In fact, I had high hopes of life settling down for us this summer. School would be out, so no more late-night lesson preps. No more basketball games. No more commitments, or meetings, or packed-to-the-brim schedules.

I had hoped this summer would be a time to catch up.  But life is never predictable, and I've learned to just roll with it as it comes. . .taking it a day at a time.  It's been busy, and crazy, and wildly fun! This summer will be one we never forget.

Here's a little peak into what we've been up to so far. . .

Day 163. June 12. Lily playing with Alice...the cutest next door neighbor you could ever ask for!

Day 164. June 13. Epic game of war going on at auntie Jenny's tonight! So happy she lives close now :)


Day 165. June 14. Yikes! As I was heading out of church today, Dylan called me over to see this...seriously, the biggest beehive I've ever seen! 

Day 166. June 15. We have baby lizards at our new house!! The kiddos can't wait to move in! 

Day 167. June 16. My little girl using a power sander! Our one goal before we move in the new house, is to just get the school room finished. Today we're attempting to sand down the awesome built-in bookshelves, and prep them for paint. Progress is slow, but it's going to be so worth it!

Day 168. June 17. Hours of sanding, mountains of dust...and beyond grateful to be making this place our home :)

Day 169. June 18. Impromptu dance party in the middle of painting! 

Day 170. June 19. Hangin' at Home Depot with these crazy kiddos :)

Day 171. June 20. Oh my gosh, this picture is still making me laugh!! Getting ready for our big car trip tomorrow, and saw this hilarious scene as we pulled into the gas station!!


Day 172. June 21.  Celebrating Father's Day in Snowflake :) 

Day 173. June 22. Dylan and Luke jammin' out on Uncle Scott's front porch.

Day 174. June 23. Our road trip has begun! On our way to Colorado Springs, we stopped in the cutest little town called, Trinidad. While we got out to stretch our legs and let the kiddos run wild, we found these awesome brick sidewalks. I love how they are randomly stamped with "TRINIDAD." #sounique

Day 175. June 24. We made it to Colorado Springs! Tonight at sunset we took a walk with my sister and her kiddos around the Broadmoor Hotel. It's stunningly gorgeous!! 

Day 176. June 25. At the Denver airport, waiting to catch a flight! My sister is watching our kiddos for a few days, while we head out to Boston to see my brother and his family. This is my husband's first time on a plane!! He's a little nervous, but I'm super excited for him. Boston here we come!! 

Day 177. June 26. There is no way to describe this city, other than it feels like home.  I have felt a pull to Boston ever since I was a little girl, and now that I'm here, it's so surreal. Feeling so blessed that my husband and I get to adventure here together in this amazing place!

Day 178. June 27. My beautiful sister in law with my adorable niece. They're simply the cutest! So grateful for the time we got to spend with them on this trip.

Day 179. June 28. Boston Harbor!

Day 180. June 29. A piece of my heart will forever be in this beautiful city. Cannot wait to come back someday and show the kiddos all our favorite spots :)

Day 181. June 30. We're back in Colorado! My sister watched our kids while we were gone, and now we're swapping while her and her husband take off. This afternoon we had a blast playing speed with the kiddos, as the fog slowly crept down the mountain. It's so beautiful here!

Day 182. July 1. Today we're off exploring the historic, Old Colorado City. . .and of course buying stuffed animal souvenirs :)

Day 183. July 2. Jared and the kiddos are scheming up plans for our epic game of "flour" tag. 

Day 184. July 3. Today we took a tour of the Compassion headquarters in Colorado Springs. We love all they are doing to bring children out of poverty. It was great for the kiddos to get a look behind the scenes here, and see where their letters go before making their way to our little sponsored girl, Zutzanny in Peru. So inspired by their work!

Day 185. July 4. We spent the 4th in a cute little town called Breckenridge. They had a great parade and we ate the yummiest crepes for lunch. On our drive there, we passed this. . .the Continental Divide! #11539feetelevation

Day 186. July 5. Getting ready for the Women's World Cup final game! Go #USA

Day 187. July 6. We're heading back home to AZ today. Had so much fun in Colorado and Boston. We made so many great memories! Now we're off to pack up a house, and hope to move before school starts :)  

Day 188. July 7. Un-packing from a trip, and packing-up to move at the same time, is no joke!! This is what almost every room in our house looked like this morning, when I got a call from the realtor saying he'd be by in 45 minutes to show the house. Haha, all you can do is laugh. . .and hide whatever else you can in the car!

Day 189. July 8. The school room in our new house is coming along! We had a genius idea to turn the closet into a reading nook for the kids, but also really needed some storage space. Too much to ask for? Not for our amazing-talented friend, Byron who helped us build and design it all! Today I got the first coat of paint up, and I can't wait to show you the finished product in a few weeks!

Day 190. July 9. This morning my sweet guy had some more dental surgery. Sitting here with him tonight eating ice-cream and watching Seinfeld reruns on Netflix...maybe not the best idea since it makes him laugh so hard!

Day 191. July 10. The best part about moving so close to where we live now, is that we can take small loads over before the BIG moving day. I took a load over this afternoon, and while I started  to unpack it, I heard a strange noise coming from the other room. So, I poked my head around the corner. Lily had made a cosy spot for herself on the floor, and was spinning the globe as fast as she could. She sat with her eyes closed, and each time it spun, she would stick out her finger and open her eyes to see where it landed. Then she would record it in her notebook. After about 10 minutes, I asked what she was doing. She responded, "Oh, I'm just deciding where I'm going to live someday." A girl after my own heart! #seetheworld #myadventurousgirl

Day 192. July 11. The school room shelves are all painted, dried. . .and almost put back together!

Day 193. July 12. This is my favorite coffee mug :) It was a gift from my sweet friend, and it makes me smile every time I see it -- not only because it makes me think of her and how much she means to me, but because lately I've found myself repeating these words over and over. One. Step. At. A. Time. I wonder if she knew how much I would need that reminder during the busy seasons of life? Best friends make life so much sweeter!

Day 194. July 13. Packing is tough work, and in this heat it deserves as many ice-cream breaks as possible :) When I uploaded this picture tonight, I broke down and the tears wouldn't stop flowing. Today we were supposed to be on our way to Nevada, but couldn't make it because of complications Jared was having with his surgery. A sweet friend of ours passed away, and we were supposed to attend her funeral there. She was a mama to 5 beautiful children, and her death was so unexpected. The random picture I snapped today of my kiddos, is one that she will never again have the chance to take of her own. Life, and all the little moments that make it up, are such an incredible gift. I am so inspired by her life. Whether it's sweaty moving days, or late nights cuddled together in bed, I hope I never forget the blessing of living each moment. 

Day 195. July 14. Our annual trip to Chick-Fil-A for Cow Appreciation Day. This pic was taken after we ate, so a few of our spots had fallen off, but still so fun :) 

Day 196. July 15. Adding a few vintage, industrial-inspired numbers to the school room cupboard doors today :)  

Day 197. July 16. Our 2nd time doing Irrigation at the new house :) The kiddos think this is the coolest thing ever, and Jared and I think the 2:00pm time slot is much better than the 2:00am slot we got last time! Can't wait to actually move in. . .Only 9 more days :)