Every once in a while I get all these random thoughts and ideas that pile up in my head, and I have no where to share them. Usually these aren't things that merit an entire blog post all on their own, but complied together it could be like a little coffee chat. You know, the kind of things we'd talk about and share if we went to lunch together, or if we met on the football field while our boys had practice.

Sometimes these things are simple, like a video that made me laugh or photo of my dream kitchen. Other times they're a little deeper, like a story that left me in tears, or a blog post that inspired me to dig deeper.

So pretend we're sipping drinks together, enjoying a few minutes to catch up, and sharing what's floating around in our heads.

First, I would tell you how much I love this beautiful photo:

1. // Been feeling really exhausted and worn-down lately. My soul is dreaming of a peaceful little getaway just like this one. Notice the snowcapped mountains in the background? So far, my car thermometer has come in at 120 degrees everyday this week, and I'm craving a break from the heat. Wouldn't this be dreamy?

2. //  This blog post, by the Nester, "Why it's Worth it to Fight for Rest" really stirred my soul and stuck a cord with me this week. I'm realizing just how important it is for Jared and I to fight for this. . .not just for us, but for our kids. I know it is going to require us to say some really hard no's, but it's something our family really needs right now.

3. // This. Just this. {if you subscribe by email, click here to see video}  

4. // And this quote to remember on the hard days...the days when there are not enough hours to get everything done. Just take the first step. . .

Happy Wednesday!