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I don’t write on here often, but as this blog grows, Lisa and I have talked about beginning some new series of posts we both have a passion for.

One of those things is children’s books. I know, I am a thirty-five-year-old man who has a passion for children’s books, kind of odd, and maybe a little cool. However, I am in fine company with a wife who is just as obsessive with children’s books as I am, so I am not alone in such awesomeness.

One of my favorite things to do as a father is to read to my kids at night. The fact that I can still get my fifteen-year-old boy excited at the thought of me reading him a story is nothing short of a miracle, and I will keep on reading to him, and my other children, as long as they will let me.

There is nothing more prominent in my memory as a child than when I had finished an amazing book. The feelings of what I read and the journey I had experienced through those words clung to me and never let go. I could travel through the craziness of a mysterious chocolate factory, face the dangers of an evil white witch, dare a frightening escape through dark goblin caves, and go on a journey to a far-away island where only the Wild Things Are, all from the comforts of my own bed.

So, considering my love for children’s literature, and considering this blog is intended for families and adventure and cool stuff like that, Lisa and I thought reviews of children’s books would be a fantastic fit.

And so, the first book I would like to introduce is one I have only recently become familiar with, thanks to Lisa. The book is a picture book, and it is one of her favorites.

Picture books are a genre of storytelling I have come to vastly appreciate over the last year. Telling a story through careful illustrations and a minimal amount of words is an incredible art form and widely under-appreciated among the adult-world today. Hopefully, in this little corner of our blog, we can bring to light more of an adoration for this art and what picture books are, and the amazing stories they tell.

One, is a picture book that confronts the deep issues of bullying, all through the simplicity of colors and numbers.

Bullying is a sad problem many of our children face today. Some children may not be confronted with it on a daily basis like other's are, but that does not mean it's not a real problem in today's society. Even as an adult I had to deal with a great big bully who grew bigger and more full of himself the more he saw how he made others cower around him.

And such is the story that the picture book, One, tells.

The color Red is bigger than all the other colors, and he likes to roll along, bullying all the other colors who aren't nearly as big and brilliant as him. But one day, the number 1 comes along and stands up to Red, bringing about a domino effect of bravery that changes the lives of all the colors forever.

As the book comes to an end, the last line reads, “Sometimes it takes just 1.” And such is the theme of this book. A simple, yet powerful message.

This story, told by author/illustrator Kathryn Otoshi, is delivered with such heart and such complexity through the simple building-blocks of what children first begin learning with, colors and numbers. And yet its meaning is far-reaching and deeply applicable to any age that reads it.

It is an amazing book to read to your children, and one that we hope will spark a meaningful conversation for you to have with them.

To kick off this new series of posts, we are going to do a giveaway. All you have to do is enter below. The giveaway will run until Thursday at midnight. The winner will be randomly chosen and announced here on Friday.

Hopefully this new series of reviews will be helpful for parents looking for good books to read to their kids. If we can promote moms and dads reading out loud and spending those quiet moments at the end of a noisy day with their children, then our time spent here is well worth it. Such moments that we share are what makes good stories last forever.

And because we love this book so much, it inspired us to make a FREE printable to share with all of you!

Sometimes it takes just one  

Click on the highlighted link below, to download your high resolution file. Once the image comes up, right click and save it to your computer. It can be printed as an 8×10 or 16x20! Print your poster from home, or send it off to your favorite print shop, and enjoy!

FILE FOR: Sometimes it takes Just one



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