Exploring Flagstaff: Chapel Of The Holy Dove

In the heart of last summer we stumbled across an amazing little gem in northern Arizona.

We were on our way home from the Grand Canyon, and had just made our way through the most beautiful rain storm. The earth was painted green, and there was just a faint nip of chill in the air.

We were 8,000 feet in elevation, when out of no where an odd-shaped little building caught our eye. The sign read, "Chapel of the Holy Dove."

The building was so unique, we had to pull over and give it a quick peek. It had a small, red door, the kind Bilbo Baggins would use. This intrigued us, so out of the car we got. Much to my surprise, the door opened right up...

The view from inside was gorgeous. The whole back end was full of open windows, and the world within was rustic and inviting.

The sound of gravel crunched beneath our feet, and the wooden walls they were covered in hand written notes from people all over the world. We saw prayer requests and praises from Africa, Australia, France, Jamaica, England, and more...

Each of our kids took a moment to sign the door, and leave their own note of encouragement for the next weary traveler who stopped by.

It was such an enchanting find...one of those little unexpected moments in time we'll remember forever. I'm so grateful we took the time to pull over and see such sweet beauty.